Sometimes you can't do any better than to go back to your roots. There is a lot to be said for

​Drums, Bass, Guitars and a Good Old Organ.

  • Inhale0:50

Keep Runnin' Girl started out as a possible recruitment/promotional/let's all band together and get the job done, feely goody and all in it together kind of piece. 

​I think it is pretty inspiring, what say you?

Working title Easy On The Onions, could be  called Everything But The Kitchen Sink! The brief was quite simple ... 'Take me back to the days of the Prog Rock keyboard heroes'. No pressure. Hopefully I hit on some of that old magic.

  • Maelstrom10:25

Unresponsive ... Unemotional ... Unfeeling

​Withdrawn ... Detached ... Shrinking


So we peeped through the window curtains and there they were.

Well Done Sir!

  • Not Responding4:02

  • We Are Not Going To Stop Broadcasting3:01

  • Easy On The Onions3:41

Written during a long, hot Summer.

I wanted to capture that easy, hazy and contented feeling of hot sun and cold drinks.

Too hot to bother about the everyday, today is a special day, today is a Sweltering Summer Sunday.

​Better wear a hat!

  • No Comment - Metal2:13

​A metal reworking of No Comment.

Adds a little more spit to the mix!

​The little Glockenspiel who gazed into the magic mirror, and dreamed he was a Flute. Very loosely based on the erroneous Balarian Folk Tale 'Weiße Lüge'.

​It all started with the simple Glockenspiel phrase, which I then used as the launch pad for the Flute. Look … he can FLY! 

Bespoke Music Page

​An ancient spirit, strong and potent. Dorian has survived through time in shadows and secrets. Neither wicked nor benign, just hungry. Based around a vocal sample and drum pattern, Dorian arrived as a kind of 'Gothic Rave Dweller'. Not the type of guy to share a taxi with.

​Gothic Love Song is part of a trilogy of works, the other two being Danika's Wish and Dorian's Theme. They tell of the dark obsession between these two fated lovers. Orchestral strings and dramatic horns play a huge part in the arrangement, along with a simple piano theme.

Have you ever had that feeling ... someone is watching? A sudden movement in the corner of your eye?

I Just Caught A Glimpse!

​I want to see more ...

Some questions are best never asked.

Some answers are better left unspoken.

  • Danika's Wish2:59

  • Bureau De Change3:25

  • Glockenspiegel5:35

Maelstrom draws on some very dark and difficult times.

Part melodic, part soundscape ... it certainly fulfilled the brief.  

Something appears to be moving. It's hard to see through the refracted light and ever rippling surface. Shifting, distorting, changing? A shadow, then a glimmer of bright so huge it takes my breath away. It is so beautiful. At once I feel still. As it rises through the surface … 

In a world of stock library content, I firmly believe in the power of ORIGINAL MUSIC WRITTEN WITH PURPOSE!

Let John Horn Music speak for you.

Your music will be written to your specific requirements.  

Fresh sounds for your project starting at £100​.

Get in touch via our contact page for more details.

​It's one hell of a drive, from obscurity to abomination. In the back of the car no one is talking.

In his head the voices start to scream.

Examples of my bespoke music.

  • Could You Repeat The Question1:54

  • Sirens5:01

Pink In The Middle was written with a huge nod of appreciation to one of my favourite bands. I often wondered how it would have been to work alongside these guys. As a kid I would pretend; as an adult I got the chance to expand on that with Pink In The Middle.

  • At The Surface2:39

Can you write something laid-back and kind of sophisticated.

I need it by Thursday!

  • Dorian's Theme1:45

  • No Comment3:45

  • Keep Runnin' Girl3:09

  • No Go Zone3:11

​Lost in a loveless world, searching for a meaning, a purpose and the one true heart that can heal her broken spirit. Vulnerable, one might think. Her need for passion may well destroy those closest. Danika's Wish was written almost as a dance. I tried to visualise her movements, both graceful and exposed.

  • Gothic Love Song3:59

  • I Just Caught A Glimpse!5:17

Inhale is the working title for this piece, which is written in a promo/training video style. Positive and uplifting.

  • Eye 2 Eye 3:48

  • Pink In The Middle 8:30

Have you ever woken up after a funny dream

and you just can't seem to shake it off?

About turn, quick march, left right left right.

(And yes ... it is out of tune :)

  • About Turn2:35